Wrestlers that are clear AFI Fans

This thread will serve as a list of professional wrestlers that either wear AFI somehow or use their music as part of their theme. I currently only know of two wrestlers, so if there are more, please comment with details below so I can add them to the first post.

  1. Jessicka Havok (AAW - All American Wrestling)
    Jessicka wears her love for AFI right on her wrestling attire. In the article below, she has the triangle Blood Drops on her uniform.

  1. Jimmy Havoc (Progress Wrestling)
    Jimmy Havoc not only has some AFI in his name, but he also uses, AFI’s “I Hope You Suffer” for his theme music. Check out an example of this below.

Back in his early days CM punk used Miseria Cantare as his entrance


Then it makes me wonder if he used it because he wanted to or just because it sounded good.

Guessing Punk did want to use it. He tweeted this sXe group photo with Davey and some others a few years back.

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That’s awesome. That’s practically a Burials photo.