Your Favorite Albums of 2017 (excluding AFI)

I’m sure we can all agree that AFI had the best album, but what are some of your other favorites this year? For me, I spent majority of the winter with Blood album, the spring with Sylvan Esso, the summer with K.Flay, and the fall with Rationale.

Here’s a list of my favs in order from a list a keep in my Discogs. I bought over 50 albums this year so it was a good year of music for me.

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Oh, good picks!

Let’s see.

In no particular order:

Hiss Spun- Chelsea Wolfe
Mareridt- Myrkur
Unfall- Iamx
Heaven Upside Down- Marilyn Manson
Science Fiction- Brand New
Heavy Meta- Rob Gallo
1992 Deluxe- Princess Nokia
Hard EP- The Neighbourhood
Alice Glass- Alice Glass

That’s about it. Other than AFI and the ones above, there wasn’t anything really catching my attention this year.

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Let’s see… I tend to not buy a ton of new releases, so I listened to a lot more than this, but as far as things released in 2017, it’s not much:

Science Fiction-Brand New
Queens of the Stone Age-Villains
Charly Bliss-Guppy

That might be it for actual 2017 releases…there are a couple more albums I hope to get before the end of the year, but we’ll see how that goes.

Edit: How did I forget DREAMCAR?

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There were awesome releases this year to me as well (but as always, I listened too much old music lol) so my top by season would be:


  • AFI (The Blood Album)


  • Days of Black - Clan of Xymox
  • Spirit - Depeche Mode


  • Under Your Spell - The Birthday Massacre
  • Graveyard Shift - Motionless In White
  • Poison the Parish - Seether


  • Party Monsters - The Haxans
  • Will to Power - Arch Enemy
  • Low in High School - Morrissey
  • Beautiful Trauma - P!nk

The Spark - Enter Shikari
Science Fiction - Brand New
A Deeper Understanding - The War Pn Drugs
Wolves - Story Of The Year
Eternity, In Your Arms - Creeper

The top 3 in that list have been absolute standouts for me. The other 2 are decent efforts. Actually quite like the blood album, but as with everything post sing the sorrow it’s 2-3 songs which I absolutely love and then the rest while I do enjoy, I wouldn’t exactly miss if I never heard it again.

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The Blood Album is on my favourites of this year, but it’s not the best one for me.
I think Science Ficton by Brand New is my album of the year.
Other favourites:

Modern Ruin - Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes
Eternity, in Your Arms - Creeper
Broken Machine - Nothing but Thieves

Not a whole lot stuck out to me this year, but Lemuria just put out a new album a few days ago that I’ve really been enjoying.

One I forgot, while technically not an official release, and came out right at the end of last year, one of my most listened to albums this year has been Bring Me The Horizon: live at the royal Albert hall. I was actually at the show, which was an incredible experience (What. A. Venue!!), so being able to go back and relisten over again has been really cool (although as far as live albums with orchestras go, S&M still wins it for me)

I don’t think I’ve actually listened to that many new albums this year however…

In order:
:star2: Dreamcar - Dreamcar
:star2: PVRIS - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell
:star2: The Rasmus - Dark Matters
:star2: Paramore - After Laughter (and I don’t count myself as a Paramore fan in general…)
:star2: The Darkness - Pinewood Smile

You really liked Unfall @_tonibell? I usually think Chris Corner has the Midas Touch but not with that album IMHO! Hoping Alive In New Light will be IAMX back to his best.

Yeah, I liked it a lot. It was different, but I loved the sound and the emotions they evoked. I’m in the minority amongst my friends, though. They hated it.

One album I did hate was the new The Used album. God that was a disappointment.

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Maybe I have a problem…

Well, maybe not… I can add two albums:

  2. William Control - The Necromancer (2016 or this year… I forget)

William Control is pretty good.

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The Flatliners - Inviting Light
Silverstein - Dead Reflection

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I usually only include albums I bought on vinyl for end of year lists so now I have a late submission: Coast Modern’s ST debut. Some if the catchiest music and my go-to driving music for the last year or so.

They self release everything including their cheaply made videos like this one:

Ever since Oli joined LP to sing Crawling in Chester’s memorial concert I decided to give them a second chance. I’d heard them in the late 2000s as they had a couple of songs in Rock Band. I loathed them. The first “new” song I listened is Follow You. I really like That’s The Spirit. Sempiternal is pretty good too. I’ve been listening to There is a Hell. It Never Ends and Blessed With a Curse are in my top 5. The first albums are definitely impossible for me to listen to.

Just as when Jade joined AFI they found their sound, I think that when Jordan Fish joined them, they found their sound.

When they come back to Mexico in the future I’ll definitely go see them.

That royal Albert hall show was amazing. I envy you were there!


Hiss Spun by Chelsea Wolfe. Okovi by Zola Jesus. Rainbow Mirror by Prurient.

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