30 Years of AFI!

So, this has appeared on AFI’s Facebook page:

Over the next 30 days we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary as a band. Follow along each week as we revisit 3...

Posted by AFI on Monday, 1 November 2021

Wow… I’ve been a fan for about sixteen years, not the full thirty, but still… wow! :open_mouth:


I’ve been a fan since sing the sorrow, to bad I don’t use face book it would be cool to follow along with all that. 30 years is such along time to be making music. Especially, the kind that they make. That it is a testament to their fan base would be an understatement, without them there would be no us without us there would be no them. The relationship they have built with us is almost like a symbiotic thing. Or maybe I’m just crazy. “We are one, you are many”- I Heard a Voice, Death of Seasons chant.

Sorry about the edits: I couldn’t get the link to work properly. :sweat_smile:

It’s true, AFI fans truly are dedicated, and the band honestly appreciates our dedication.

I avoided Facebook for the longest time as well, but then the pandemic happened and I just stopped worrying about it. You don’t need to be on the social media if you want to follow along with this, it’s up on their website:

Okay cool thanks a lot

Anyone else think that none of the guys looks old enough to have been in a band for 30 years?!


Agreed! I guess at least part of it is because they started AFI when they were still school kids.

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So I submitted a memory to afireinside.net about an hour ago and I’ve read a few that had been posted already… I really hope they’re collecting these to print into a special anniversary book or something, everyone’s stories of how the band has touched their lives are so beautiful. :two_hearts: AFI are really something special.

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I need to check out the memories! I’ll have to submit some of mine as well