A Blood Tour Story - a fan's 17 show journey


I have personally seen AFI a total of six times and feel very shameful about that now, considering what you’re about to read. However, this article is not about me, it’s about Jacob Huntley aka @Cher_I_Despair (on here). Jacob joined our AFI forums in early November, so we’ve been lucky to have him with is for going on two months so far. Just like any other AFI fan that comes here, they come here because it’s a place to discuss our collectively favorite band, AFI.

I first learned about how many AFI shows (Blood Tour 2017) that Jacob had gone to when I told him that I recognized him from a DREAMCAR show (at the 9:30 Club in DC). From there he mentioned all of the set lists he was able to get, including getting a pair of drumsticks from Adam, etc.


He had gone to 17 Blood Tour shows. Again, this is where I felt shameful of my lonely 6 (in comparison).

I had never heard of any AFI fan (not to say that it’s never happened) seeing AFI 17 times within one tour cycle, so I had to send Jacob some questions about his experience. I asked him 10 questions. May his answers fuel your preparation for when AFI tours ago.


Okay, so I’m dying to know more about you now. For example: who long have you been an AFI fan now? Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been an AFI fan since1998 with Black Sails. I also like Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Atreyu and many different bands. I’m the rock genre. I grew up and born outside Chicago and have been out since a very early age of 7 years old and now 29 years old.

You saw them 17 times on their Blood Tour; I take it that number was just a coincidence or maybe the Burials track “17 Crimes” is one of your favorite songs? (rhetorical question) Was it almost 18 shows or even less? How did you decide that you were going to go to 17 AFI shows in one year?

I didn’t really plan or decide on how many shows I was going to. It started off with the shows on the East Coast close to me as in a 8 hour drive radius then it just expanded to the Midwest shows to meet up with my DF Midwest family. It was like an addiction to hear as many songs live as possible and they played lots of good ones this tour. :slight_smile:

Have you done this for any of their other albums?

Nope this is the first time I did this many. I did 3 for Crash Love and 2 for Burials.

How many times total have you seen AFI now?

22 times AFI now. If we’re talking Davey projects as a whole, add 4 Dreamcar shows and 2 Blaqk Audio shows.

Did you experience any car trouble during your travels? (I hope not!)

No trouble at all :slight_smile: my car’s amazing on gas :slight_smile:

Would you recommend what you did, to other AFI fans or is it something that you might not do again?

I’d definitely recommend it. Meeting new fans and friends - I’m definitely gonna try more shows next tour. Only thing I’d do differently is see if others want to tag along and not do every show by myself, except maybe the 2 the a local DF friend went with me.

Out of all of the times you saw AFI this year, are there any particular shows that stood out to you? For example: them debuting a song like Anxious, Who Knew?, etc?

Out of the 17 shows, 2 spoke out to me the most. The Columbus Ohio show when Davey and I spoke for like an hour. He signed my entire discography and took pics with us 7 that were there waiting still. I felt we actual bonded in that moment. Then the final show in Kansas City was just perfection all around from the set list that night I wanted Malleus Maleficarum that whole tour ended up getting it and he did acapella of “Jack the Ripper” came to me twice in the crowd then during get heart points looks directly to me and sings, “promising I will be a good boy”. And finally makes me cry at the end of the night by calling me by my name that he remembered from the beginning of the tour and thanked me for the constant support and dedication.

During your 17 shows, were you able to meet with the members after the show at all? Also, did they ever say, “Hey, you again!”?

I met them at all shows. Yeah, they are amazing people who give back to their fans for free and don’t offer some bs meet and greet charge. At this point, they all know me by name. ​:joy::joy::joy: Hunter’s an amazing guy. He just had a art exhibit in Chicago with Matt Skiba from Blink 182 and put me on his guest list and chats on instagram a bit. Which reminds me, follow me afireinside12_21 :wink: I’m so honored the guys give their fans those couple hours of time after the shows it’s truly incredible.

Did you get the latest Despair Faction package?

{angry face} See… I ordered it and for some reason 2 weeks later I checked the DF order status and it said they cancelled my order. So some glitch error fucked it up for me so I missed out on it even though I really wanted it really bad.

I (STORMS) have reached out the DF asking if there any other spare packages for Jacob. I highly doubt it and I haven’t heard back yet. :frowning:

What do you hope AFI does next?

I’m biased when it comes to Davey. I love everything he does and have all vinyls and cds off all his projects he’ll he could put a rap album out and I’d eat it up which the man can kill some Nicki Minaj. YouTube Davey Havok super bass if you haven’t seen it already. :slight_smile: As for hoping what AFI does next I’d love for them to put out a Music video collection DVD with bonus extra interviews and commentary such as No Doubt did with there single collection album. At least before they did their next album which they’ve already started writing for it already. :slight_smile: I’m hoping for a more drum and guitar heavy album such as how Black Sails was but combined with Davey’s clean vocals. Anytime he’s screams with conviction such as “I Hope You Suffer” or “White Offerings” on the Blood Album gets me really excited cause most of the newer stuff is a more lite contemporary style.

I appreciate this …Interview December Underground pun intended any more questions you have I’ll gladly answer. :slight_smile:

Signs Jacob painted while waiting in show lines*

I would just like to Thank Jacob for not only answer these questions for me, but also inspiring me to think outside the box when AFI comes around again. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen for a few years again but we never know what’s in store come 2018!

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Thank you for this!Awesome read,Jacobs a very cool dude too I will definitely see more shows this cycle and try to cross paths!

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I’m sure we will! we look out for each other in line if you need to leave to shower get food or whatever ur spots always safe and we do a numbering system in case bullshit happens. If venues try that fast pass bullshit I just contact Adam and hunter and they shut that shit down so fast they look out for the ones who wait all night and what they endure.