A little annoyed, but I also wanted to share this

So, the Fall Chilcren group on FB seems to be “approving posts” when they feel like it, so here’s the piece of art I recently got framed. I drew this years ago and finally decided to get it properly framed.


That’s amazing! What great artwork and the frame is perfect for it.

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Thanks! I appreciate that. I actually saw this frame at my frame shop and bought it on a separate occasion they have an area where they have discounted frames from other projects and this frame was sitting there. I felt the old, royal look of the gold and aged black. The matting is a really nice black velvet type to give it a nice contrast.

I have it hung above the entry to my kitchen. Where sometimes, especially in a grandmothers house they have a photo of “give us our daily bread” I have this.

My frame shop has the art piece floating from the matte, yet it’s also not up against the glass… they are super thoughtful and detailed.

That’s really good! Love it!

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