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If anyone needs the DOTP EP, this is actually an amazing deal… if you don’t have the EP I suggest buying it now! Basically $65 w/ SHIPPING @_tonibell @ForumFoxCarolyn @Vanished @TheConductor @Percy @PaperBirds


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I’m so bored sitting listening to a debate over the Oxford Comma that I bought it. Thanks for the info!

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You did need it right? I just hope you didn’t just buy it because you were bored, LOL. Honestly, I was tempted to buy it just for the price. When I got my DOTP EP years ago I paid over $100 for it.


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No, I needed it. It was one of the ones that was lost to the Floodpocalypse of 2011. Fucking two rivers and broken levees and cheap New York corp of engineers. Sorry, still bitter.

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Actually it was… “Stupid giant storms, two rivers, and broken levees.”

LOL. Not funny, but funny.

Anyway, I’m glad you got a piece of it back and for a damn good price.

Hahaha, yeah, that was more poetic. I’m telling you, I lost some great stuff in that flood. Thanks again for letting us know about it.

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Damn. I was at work when all of this took place. I would have been all over it lol. Ah well, Ive already spent over 200 dollars on rare AFI shit in the last week. :grimacing:

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Yeah eBay can be a bad place sometimes…

I bought this shirt earlier today:


However, I received an email shortly after saying that the item was “no longer available”? My wife suggested that perhaps the person had it listed on other sites and forgot to update their eBay listing… I’m not sure. I’m hoping I still get it… that email threw me off though.


Here is my collection, I had a larger one 11 years ago but sold it to purchase my Wife’s engagement ring, so I have gradually started back up again. Nothing too rare other than the AFI A History cd, the black Crash Love cd ( signed by everyone but Dave ) and the AOD advanced promo cd.

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Ok, so the Black Crash Love CD… I had no idea… someone talk to me. Was this like the Tour exclusive STS copies??

Ok, so the CL black version was a special limited pressing that you could find in store upon release. I remember seeing a thread on the DF board about people randomly finding it in black so I called my local BestBuy, they checked and didn’t have one. So I called a bestbuy about 50 miles away and they had one…so they held it for me and I went and picked it up. They are rare from what I see. No record of how many they made in black. I took it to a meet & great in Scranton PA the day before the show and that was the show they canceled because Dave was sick…so I never was able to have him sign it…which really bummed me out.

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Thanks for the info. Yeah, I am finding (remembering lately) that this album is one of my favorite, so seeing this mysterious black copy of the CD has me baffled. I do own two (one sealed) of the black STS. One day, I plan to get the opened one signed and framed.

Very nice collection!

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The black STS has alluded me, they are hard to come by. Awesome that you have 2…

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Thanks. Yeah, the limited pressings of really anything are what I’d always try to buy two of. I forget what show I got them from… it might have been at the 9:30 Club and they may have had a limit of 2 per person.

Are AFI items with “flexi” written in the description, fake? The artwork looks bad and they’re usually from another country. The titles are intriguing though. Just though I’d ask.

Does anyone know if this shirt is authentic? https://www.ebay.com/itm/254707470304