About Us (New AFI forums)


Hello there & Welcome!

Allow me to introduce ourselves to you in case you’ve stumbled upon these forums wondering what they are, where they came from, etc.

Simply put; we’re new AFI forums. Created in June, 2017 by myself. I have been an AFI addict since 2000 and a DF member since the beginning. Upon returning from real-life and back into the online world of AFI… I discovered that the official forums were no longer, so I created these.

The image above was created for these forums. It is a directly inspired from the original Despair Faction logo from 2001. I had an artist, who I know locally, design the logo based off of the original design, but with adding “age” to it. I ended up having my artist, Alexandra create a “skull-heart”. The wrapping vine is to reflect the age (going on 17 years!) of the Despair Faction.

We have forums in the likes of the original boards in hopes of making this place “like home”. With that said, we also have a forum dedicated to the DF:

So… welcome! If you’re new to these forums, please sign up, create a thread introducing yourself and tell your fellow DF friends about us! :slight_smile:

Staff Members for our forums include: @_tonibell @sayasha @Blag @Nick210 @insectpins and myself @STORMS


We’ve recently come to 200 members. These forums are about one year, two months old. Without the help of any major outlets other than our own social media and efforts, we’ve gotten there.

I just wanted to say, “Thank you!”.


That’s awesome @STORMS 200 members is a great milestone! :smiley: Thank you for creating and maintaining this forums…really happy to be here :slight_smile:


Hey @STORMS! I’ve been a fan of AFI since 1998, and I want to thank you for taking initiative in rebuilding our community that was so strong back at the turn of the century. You’re extra rad!


@whlethpuotinthsn thank you for joining the forums. Its members like you that make it all worth it.


FYI all that I am working on adding our social media links to the top right of the site. These will be viewable on desktop and mobile.

In the meantime, here are those links:

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398 members. TODAY.

We will be 2 years old in June 2019.