Adam joins TheTrapSet Podcast Feat. Topics: drum influences, birth & reunion of AFI, interest in side-projects and much more!

Adam was recently on “The Trap Set” podcast, a podcast that gets with drummers to discuss really everything about what they do. In this episode with Adam, we not only get the (pun intended) behind the times look into his life and the very beginning of AFI, but we get to learn more about Adam himself. We also learn about Adam’s Dad and the influence he played getting Adam into drums.

The growth of AFI is discussed. Adam also reminisces the reunion show that would reunite their fire inside. (no pun intended). Adam joins the podcast at the 3:20 marker.

Credit: AFINewsHQ


Awesome,this was cool,I can’t recall anything ever focusing just on Adam,I loved it,nice find!

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If you haven’t listened to this yet, make sure you do.

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It’s on my list, going to go download it right now!

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Adam joins at 3:20, FYI. It’s such a good listen… it’s so rare to hear so much from Adam. Meaning, there are tons of great questions and this a one-on-one interview so it’s also very clear.

I will likely listen to it again.

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