AFI at Red Rocks - Photo Gallery & Review and it's amazing


The website, CurrentlyStreaming have put up an amazing set of photos from AFI’s set at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. In addition to the photo gallery, they also wrote a great review of their performance at Red Rocks. If you weren’t able to go, I highly recommend reading it as it really captures their energy and overall presence at the legendary venue.

Check out the review and photo gallery, here.
Credit: AFINewsHQ


The review is amazing, and the photos are gorgeous. Thanks for posting.


Is it just me or does it seem like there was a lot more mist/fog generated for the Red Rocks show? There are a lot of really cool photos out there for it.


It looks like there was more than usual. They probably stepped up production for that particular show.


The wind kept taking the stage fog away, but there was definitely enough there to make the stage lights work beautifully!


San Diego had more fog too. I think it’s actually because they were outdoor venues.


The photos from Red Rocks are some of the very best I’ve seen throughout this whole tour.