AFI Clothing Master List

Hey guys,

With the influx of reprints, it would be nice to have a reference list to the official merchandise to look back to and then have easy identification of tags and designs, all in one place.

I can take pics of what I have, but there is a lot of clothing merch that I don’t have yet.

Maybe customize by era?

What do you think?


You read my mind. I’ve been thinking about doing this for weeks. I say let’s do it.

I’ll start contributing likely tomorrow after work. We should try to start from very early shirts to the newest at the bottom.

I can provide a lot of the Blood stuff and some odds and ends.

Should we do front, back and tag?


I don’t think we should do photos… that would take up a ton of space… I think we should just list it as described i.e.

2018 Tour Hoodie Zipup (AFI letters on front, circular design in back)
Canvas (brand tag), Bella+Canvas

Something like this?

EDIT: Nah, we can do photos… it’s just going to be a lot of work.

No one said love was easy.

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I’m going to aim to start taking photos of my shirt bin on either tomorrow night or Tuesday.

We’ll finesse it as we go. :wink:

EDIT: here’s a few


This is what I wanted! Perfect.

I went through my old tote of clothes, and I have no clue where some of my old hot topic ones went.

I am just washing them and I’ll take a few pics.


I agree… it is better than what I was thinking. So, the top should be the earliest shirts and from there.

I believe their “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” was their FIRST shirt. I do have it. I got it years ago on ebay and obviously never wore it. It’s an XL I believe and has some stains on it. I’ll aim to post picks of it tomorrow.

BTW anyone know if that shirt was on both black and white shirts… or just white?

I have a black one that I got off eBay probably 8-9 years ago. Not sure if they originally made them in Black. No tag. It’s an XL. I hated the tag, it was uncomfortable so I cut it off.


I’m a moron and cut these two shirts up to have them made into a blanket, but cut them wrong and now I just have pieces of fabric. So, these shirts are official, but missing the shirt functionality.


See… funny how after years later you almost wish you never even wore the shirt.

This is how I’ve been feeling about my older DF bundles.

Do your shirts have the tags?

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Every other thing I post will have tags and be intact. I don’t have a plethora of older merch, but I’ll post what I have regardless.

No clue where my DF raven shirt is. God I’m a dumb kid.

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The white version is different.

Here’s mine:

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Are you sure the anvil tagged ones are the legit printing?

Edit: I have just confirmed it with Geoff. Both of the white and black ones here are the real deal.


This one is a guaranteed reprint. Be cautious.

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I got it years ago via Ebay. Am I sure? I guess I can’t be unless someone confirms.

It looks like how the originals were advertised though.


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