AFI Clothing Master List


I got it at the Las Vegas show on the second leg of the Blood tour.


I got it recently and just didn’t remember seeing where it was released before. I really like the design and is now 1 of only 2 Blood era shirts I liked enough to buy.


Does anyone remember an STS era shirt that had “this hate is fucking real” on the back?

I remember seeing it at a show in 2003 and thinking “I have to get that shirt before i leave”. I never did and still regret it to this day…


YES! I’ve seen it pop up for sale recently and I regret not grabbing it.


That was the “Death of Seasons” tee that was available during the STS tour. It uses the moth logo from STS.


There was also the misprint “Death of Seasons” shirt that said “pain” instead of “hate”.


That’s right. I wonder what it goes for now. If it ever comes up for sale, that is.


I sold my misprint a couple of weeks ago for about $60
IMG_20190315_105708_798 IMG_20190315_105705_767 IMG_20190315_105702_718 IMG_20190315_105648_149


Ah! You were selling the one I regret not buying


Size Large hoodie for sale if anybody is interested


I never knew about this one actually… interesting.