AFI cover project

Hey all!

Almost six months into quarantine, I just bought me a beautiful Les Paul!

Would anyone be interested in collaborating remotely on some AFI covers?

It would just be for fun, to alleviate some boredom, and maybe connect (remotely) with some humans. Beginners are welcome!

And hey maybe if this takes off we can make a music video too.

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YES!!! I would absolutely positively love to be part of this! I’m down for anything regardless of era.

Nice! What instrument do you play?

Bass and Guitar. Can do background vocals like the chant stuff.

I’m perusing Songsterr and it looks like Beautiful Thieves might be the easiest song. Might be best to start there? Though I’m open to anything since all AFI songs are awesome :slight_smile:

Besides guitar, I “can” do lead vocals but not my forte. Let’s see if any drummers or singers come forth…

Goooooood song!!! Hopefully, but if no one wants to drums sigh I suppose I can do it.

Unfortunately I just saw this now. But if anyone needs a bass player, I’m down. I’ve covered a bunch of AFI’s songs on YouTube already :slight_smile:

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Where are you from? Anyone from AZ that would like to start a band? I can write lyrics…