AFI Footage from Starland Ballroom, Sayrevilla, NJ feat. Celluloid Dream, Lost Souls and more

Another individual by the YouTube name “xGeveralxS” has uploaded some videos from AFI’s set last night in Sayreville, NJ where the band played at the Starland Ballroom. It was an absolutely crazy show. I know because I was there… it was the best AFI show I’ve been to. Check out my previous thread / RECAP HERE.

Regardless, for those who were not able to make it, check out the playlist below!

If you haven’t seen them on the Blood Tour yet and wish to, you’re time is running out! Their last tour date in the US is 08/05! Check here for their upcoming tours:


So jealous! I’ll let you know how Maine goes.

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Ha! I’m jealous of you as well. I’ve never seen them again so soon. Actually this year is the first time I’ve seen them twice in a year. I swear, it’s like getting a tattoo… you only leave wanting more.

It was GREAT to talk with Hunter though. Granted, he was the last one to come out, but I complimented his “Cat With Matches” cartoon. He then said he’s thinking about releasing a book with them in.

I held my greatest (longest) conversation with Adam though. I felt pretty special as I was the first one to grab him for an autograph. I asked him about their forums and if they were coming back. He said he didn’t know. He didn’t seem very certain either way, but he did say that when they did have their forums it was the most active part of the site (

I then played devil’s advocate and said maybe it’s because it’s so easy to connect with social media that maybe forums have become irrelevant. He thankfully said he really doesn’t think that they’re irrelevant. He said he thinks it would be great if there was one central place for AFI fans to go. I then told him about this website. I forget how he worded it but he made it clear that he heard of it recently (I’ve been tweeting them about it). I said I wanted to give it a name as simple as possible, yet powerful with “”.

Welp, we’re up to 8 members not including me or site support. :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry to ramble on. Have a great time! And you better post a recap here! I’ll post it to our twitter and Facebook. :slight_smile:

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So jealous. I never get up the nerve to talk to them. :frowning:

That sounds like an amazing experience, though. I saw them twice in one year on the Crash Love Tour back in '09- came home from college twice for it. This will be the most I’ve seen them on one tour- once in Feb. at Terminal 5, and now theee times on the spring leg. It’s been amazing.

I’ll def post a recap! :slight_smile:

And we’re growing slowly but steadily. LOL.

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Regarding talking to them… here’s my advice from my Meet & Greet experience back in '03 and most recently:

  • Go to the most probable place where they will be (thanks to your advice!)
  • Just do it… just approach them. If you see Smith, talk to him. Like I said in my other post, Smith PERSONALLY took my set list and another fan’s STS book into the tour bus to get signed.
  • Just think… most people may be shy about approaching them… so push to get it first.
  • Take initiative, leave NO GAPS when standing in line. If someone in front of you isn’t moving ask them “are you guys in line?” If they are, tell them to move up. Seriously. I did this because when they start signing and taking photos… there are no lines. It comes down to an understanding among fans and consideration.

The next time they come around, I am seriously thinking about going to at least 2 or 3 shows that are within a 5hr drive.

Yes, please post a recap! I’ll promote it! :slight_smile:

Also, I greatly appreciate your help. Perhaps you could be part of my team with getting this off the ground. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. I might actually wait this time. LOL.

And I’ll def post a recap.

And, yeah, I’d love to help. Let me know what you need help with!

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Yes, you should definitely wait. :slight_smile:

Regarding help, I’m just going to do my best to keep at it to get this forum going. If the official forums come back, I’ll likely end these forums unless they catch up. But I’ve even emailed DF about the forums and I haven’t gotten a response. I wish I would’ve asked Smith about them but I only asked Adam.

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You were at Terminal 5 too?!

That was freezing. I thought I was going to die hahaha. I was with the tent crew up front. Did you see Hunter looking for the marquee? It was sort of humorous.


Yep! I was there. :slight_smile: And no I didn’t. I had to come in late from work, but still ended up barricade. And it was freezing; I’m used to it, though. NYC always gets like that. sigh And my office’s heat that day wasn’t working.

Really?! Where were you in line?

I was on barricade, but that’s because as soon as we flew in, we went directly to the venue.

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I didn’t even make line. I came in as soon as Souvenirs started.

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How the hell did you make Barricade?! :joy:


LOL @ForumFoxCarolyn clearly @_tonibell is just magical. Jade must possess secret powers to always get her on his side. :slight_smile:

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I usually do. I don’t know. I have this weird ability to slither through people. I would love to que up, but my work schedule never really allows me to get anywhere early. :frowning:

And, yeah, Jade’s magical power is that his side is usually pretty damn calm…except at T5. That was hell.

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Actually, I have a story to tell and it involved me feeling like a total ass… lol.

At Starland, I brought my black sidebag to store my merch in but I saw them selling SIGNED Blood Album vinyals, so naturally, I had to get one. Well, from here I made an almost really bad move… I left the venue and took everything out to my car. :frowning:

Granted, I didn’t really know what I was making a huge mistake until when I went back through the security checkpoint and the lady was about to scan my ticket and I told her that it might not work because I was just “in here”. She said there’s “no reentry”… it actually sunk in but she just looked kinda pissed and let me in.

Long story short, I shouldn’t have left the venue to put stuff in my car. I almost didn’t make it back in… (WOW, THAT WAS CLOSE.)… yeah, I felt really dumb. :frowning:

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Hahaha, I saw the signed vinyls, but I already own six versions of that album and was very proud when I refrained from buying another version. Thank God you got back in! I would have cried.

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LOL, Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I had quite a shocking moment when I realized, “Wow, they could have actually not let me back in”. It was definitely a close call… I got back in though and got some pretty amazing video footage from the night, so it was scary, then amazing. :slight_smile:

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