AFI Full Set from FireFly Musical Festival 06.16.17

Updated below.

Today at the Dover, Delware International Speedday the FireFly Music Festival will feature AFI performing on the Main Stage from 4PM - 5PM. Who’s all going???


AFI performed today at the FireFly music festival in Dover, Delaware. For those who may have not been able to go or missed the live stream via Yahoo, it was recorded and on YouTube(thanks to AFI Videos). See their full set below. I have already watched and listed the songs in order of how they were played.

Fun Fact: This starting clip below features a lady doing sign language for the crowd! This is awesome! This is one of the better parts of where you can see her hands in action.

Their set included 5 STS, 3 Blood Album, 2 Burials, 1 Crash Love, 1 DU, 1 AOD

  1. Girl’s Not Grey (Sing the Sorrow)
  2. This Celluloid Dream (Sing the Sorrow)
  3. End Transmission (Crash Love)
  4. 17 Crimes (Burials)
  5. Aurelia (Blood Album)
  6. So Beneath You (Blood Album)
  7. Love Like Winter (Sing the Sorrow)
  8. I Hope You Suffer (Burials)
  9. Days of the Phoenix (Art of Drowning - oldest song played from '00)
  10. Snow Cats (Blood Album)
  11. Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) (Sing the Sorrow)
  12. Silver and Cold (Sing the Sorrow)
  13. Miss Murder (Decemberunderground)