AFI having July 4th sale on everything except media, 20% off!

If you’ve been thinking that you needed another AFI shirt or patches, socks, you name it… now’s the time! AFI is currently running 20% off everything except media in their store! Head over now!

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@_tonibell so I was finally able to order this morning:)

I got the Burials hoodie (s), patch set (I have a skeleton jean jacket vest I may apply these to) and the Burials CD. I have the CD via iTunes from years ago… that is no longer acceptable. I need the actual disc. :slight_smile:

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Damn, that’s awesome. Glad the order went through. Did you get both Burials hoodies? I have to show you pics of the jacket I painted on for the most recent shows. I think it’s on my Instagram. I’m now working on using patches and painting on one of my old vegan leather moto jackets.

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reminder: @_tonibell @Percy @ForumFoxCarolyn @Vanished @volare

This ends tomorrow!

Ummm, dear sir, I already spent an extra $150 on top of my $70 the other day thanks to being locked in a lake house with my ENTIRE family; I don’t think I have room for more merch (I say this as I consider buying a white vinyl version of Shut Your Mouth).

But thank you, kindly, for the reminder. :slight_smile:

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LOL! You know… I’m a little pissed at myself right now. I should have bought the Blood drops necklace when we saw AFI at Starland. I wouldn’t have worn it, but damnit…

On another note: I’m considering the 17 Crimes shit (S) and the Burials button pack… I’ll think about it tomorrow at work… and hopefully the say doesn’t end if I do decide to go for it.

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I DIDN’T SEE THAT NECKLACE! Is it like the one that you could get if you bought the Best Buy version of the album?

Yeah, in total, I bought:

The 17 Crimes pullover
The enamel pin set
The Blood grey pullover
The Blood long sleeve because I totally needed it with the red font to go with the one with the white font
The Blood beanie (again, to go with the AFI beanie from the winter tour)
The Blood patch set
AND a grab bag t-shirt

That is on top of me buying almost everything from the tour.

I am ashamed of myself

And the shirts.

Go for it.

And this is why my friends say I’m an enabler.

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I ended up not getting anything more for now… the 17 Crimes shirt wasn’t available in Small.

Oh well, I’m still happy. I almost got the other Blood triangle shirt. Next time. :slight_smile:

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I Ann so bad when it comes to band merch. It’s not like I can wear it all the time because I work 7 days a week, but in my head I need it all.

Whatever. I have quite the collection to pass down some day.


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Yeah, work does limit you but I also feel like every now and again I’ll be on a kick where I need certain things… this it just so happens that this sale is going on… AFTER we go see them live again and I spend over $200… LOL.

I’m done for a little while. :slight_smile:

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Oh, yeah, I’m done for a while. Between the four shows I’ve seen since February and the sale, I’m set.