AFI in Portland, Maine 6/22/17

Last night’s AFI show in Maine was pretty amazing.

The set list featured three Decemberunderground tracks, which was great. They also played Anxious again, which was a treat.

It was just a great show last night. If you were there, I hope you had fun.

Here’s a few photos from the night. :slight_smile:

Adam, Davey, and Hunter signed after the show. Jade looked pretty tired on stage, so I wasn’t surprised he didn’t come out. He was sick on stage, though. Nothing but love for him. I was able to get the setlist from his side, though. :wink:

<img src="/uploads/db2328/original/1X/e6c33ec16a7bb67bb3f0c7500c1d7fe73209e2e8.JPG"
width=“375” height=“500”>

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HAHAHAHA Smith. He actually signed it rather than the logo he’s been doing?!

Poor Jade. I really hope he gets to feeling better!


WOW! You got some great photos! I’m going to tweet this out after work.

Those photos are anazing, seriously some of the best I’ve seen lately. :slight_smile:


He said he felt funny signing it, but I begged him to. He’s like an institution when it comes to AFI. And that man puts up with so much shit.

And, yeah, I mean, Jade played AMAZING, but you could tell he was exhausted.

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Thank you! Just my iPhone. I stopped bringing my better camera to shows. :slight_smile: But thanks!

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Yea, he hates it. It’s funny though. I love Smith hugs.

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Yeah, Smith’s signature is very necessary. I didn’t notice this until my wife pointed it out in my video. But you can clearly see Smith in the crowd trying to get Davey where he wants to go.

It’s at 4:18 in this video that I recorded:

I realized I said Jade was “Sick” on stage. What I meant was that he was AMAZING on stage. So sick as in amazing not sick as in he puked. I wrote this on two hours of sleep and didn’t realize how there could be confusion and TOTALLY do not want to spread rumors.

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