AFI is Still Amazing

Ive been listening to AFI since 1997. I saw them perform in Denver last night for the first time. Absolutely incredible live. They put their heart and soul into it, even after 31 years.
I am a trauma survivor and mental health therapist. This musical has helped me get through so much. Im a doctoral student and still access this music as a positive coping skill lol. Also, im disabled and was down in the standing section but then decided to upgrade VIP box seats (via intuition). Thank god because fights broke out and Davey stopped in the middle of a song and set boundaries with that, keeping everyone safe.
I appreciate all the hard work of this band. After 31 years they acted like it was their first big show and their passion shows.


First off, welcome!

I can only imagine your experience last night seeing them for the first time! THAT IS AWESOME!!! And Davey stopping the song to stop a fight - THAT IS AWESOME? I wonder if there’s any videos of it??

Thank you so much for sharing!

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Got a clip!

1:50 in DAVEY IS AWESOME!!! Thanks @Heatherfriend7


Hi :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to the boards! Thank you for joining us, and for sharing your story. Thank you also for sharing your video of Davey stopping that fight - Genius! :laughing:

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Thank you for sharing and posting the link!

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Thsnk you! Such a beautiful venue as well!

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