AFI Jewelry (Pendants and more)!


Yeah, really no lie unless you actually save up and come to a show, and buy ALL of their merchandise. The only things I didn’t buy was 1 or 2 of the shirts, the keychain, buttons, hat and tote bag. The DF shirt was the FIRST thing on my radar. :slight_smile:

I spent like $200 or $250 on merch at Sayreville.

EDIT: Oh shit, @4ibanez you don’t have the Blood pendant! Do you still want it? @Ophelia posted a link a while ago that I still believe works.


The Best Buy pendant offer is over. You might get lucky and find one for sale on eBay.


Shit… sorry @4ibanez

Thanks @Ophelia


@STORMS I saw these, but they only ship to US addresses. I wasn’t massively fussed with this necklace, but if anyone has a spare I’d be interested just because. So Beneath You would be sickest of all!


I really like those STS symbol pendants :heart_eyes:. Never seen those before.


I really wish I would have bought more,I miss seeing Davey wear this piece PNUT made him



What did you coat those pendants, rings & pins with?



Does anyone know if these are official,the rabbit looks a bit odd to me for some reason. (Not cause he’s missing his two other homies,I wonder where they went,the first rabbit always getting all the attention. but his leg looks a bit off).


They certainly look official. @Ophelia is a huge pendant fan. Perhaps she knows.


I do not know, but I think officially licensed jewelry of Alan Forbes’ art would have some mention of being official licensed on the website. You can try asking the owners of the website if this information is not provided. Also, Alan Forbes is active on Instagram, so you could ask him.


Really? Wow I wouldn’t mind seeing his other artwork hopefully he sells lithographs of AOD


I really need to step my pendant game up they’re awesome e,I’d love the afi ring and the Nephilim ringanyone has them if I were to pay to have them casted would you mind selling them for those of us who missed out or were too young to buy online at the time,the money made we can donate to a a cause the band supports.


This is latest addition to my collection!


Great find! Where’d you get it?


eBay is helping me build my collection!


Was that on its own or with the Nitro Box Set?


I got just the pendant.


Ah cool! I know people that have bought the box set without it so that’s a good find.