AFI Jewelry (Pendants and more)!


Our AFI pendants threads are very active, lol! :heart:️ So here’s a thread just for them.

I have jewelry (above) from Sing The Sorrow and DECEMBERUNDERGROUND, and my Blood pendant is ordered… does anyone know if there are Burials pendants?
I also hope to add the CRASH LOVE pendant to my collection soon!


I still just wan the Nephilim pendant with the AFI on the back from the nitro box set.


I have the one Blood necklace. LOL. I don’t think I ever bought their jewelry. I made jewelry inspired by them. Does that count?


I actually asked a few of my friends who used to be AFI fans if they had one or if they knew of anyone who had one. They all don’t have one, but they’re asking around for you.


Oh my god, that’s so nice of you! I really appreciate. It’s the one AFI thing I’ve always wanted, because my friend has one and they’re actually pretty nice.


Umm, I used to have that Nephilm necklace the person on eBay was selling for $400. Other than that, I have the pendant that @BrandonsNotGrey is rightfully seeking. I have an AFI wallet that is still kinda sealed. It still has it’s retail cardboard wrapper on it.

I have some rarer items of AFI, but the jewelry was never something I aimed for. I have over 60 AFI shirts, but in regards to this thread I have this…


No probs. All my friends are older and way into the hardcore scene, so hopefully they’ll find someone with one and who is willing to sell it. They usually know people with memorabilia.


Was there ever any DU/rabbit jewelery? I feel like I remember seeing some a while back but I could just be imagining it!


I think there was, at least I think there was in Hot Topic back when DU was out.


I think I was getting a bit confused between DU jewellery and the PNUT rabbit jewellery Davey designed and often wore:

I would love one of those, especially if a cheaper, costume jewellery version came out!

(edit: I don’t own either image)


Huh, maybe I was thinking of something else because I could have sworn that back in '06, Hot Topic carried some piece of jewelry with the bunnies on it.


Bringing this topic back since I found my old AFI Nephilim pendant that I thought I completely broke and lost. I did break it, but when it started to break years ago, I retired it. Here it is! (I just found it today :slight_smile: )

It’s snapped at the neck, but still in tact via the Head attached to the Wing still. @Ophelia @BrandonsNotGrey


I had 2 of these but the quality was awful and they both started to deteriorate very quickly without really even wearing them that much.

My uncle is a jeweller and he cast the original pendant in Silver for me -


Holy shit that is cool and a hella good idea! So, I’m also officially jealous of that.


This reminded me of my AFI jewellery. Some if it got a bit tarnished when I left it in the attic. A bit of ‘barkeeper’s friend’ should sort it. I’ll take some pics when I’m home. The Pnut cross in silver is my favourite, but I usually wear it under stuff cos people think you’re gonna sacrifice a goat or something. I also have that same Nephilim necklace. There can’t be many more of them floating around nowadays.
Edit: here they are…

If anyone has the CL necklace, let me know. Mistake not buying it at the time!


Just tell them it’s St. Peter’s Cross. St. Peter refused to be crucified the same way as Jesus; he demanded to be killed upside down because he was not worthy to die the same way his leader had. It’s actually quite a powerful Christian symbol that has been demonized by ignorance (and horror movies). So, there you go. You can wear it outside your shirt and give it back to the “christians” who don’t bother to read.

In regards to your jewelry, so cool.


Out of all people, I would have thought you’d have the Crash Love necklace. You seem to have everything else! :slight_smile:


I prefer silver coloured stuff, so foolishly didn’t buy it. Regret it now :thinking::expressionless:


I think we’ve all been there with AFI items, especially at the show. LOL @_tonibell can attest to this.


Don’t speak to me. Do you know how much restraint/self-control I need to practice when I go to AFI shows? Merchandise will bankrupt me.