AFI Photo Galleries from Portland, ME & Montebello Rockfest, "This was my first time seeing the band live, and I found myself questioning why the hell I waited so long."

If you’ve missed some of the AFI action lately, you’re in luck with many stunning photos taken from two of their latest stops on the Blood Tour. Photos included show off Portland, ME from 06.22 and the Montebello Rockfest from Canada on 06.23.

We’ll start off with the Portland, ME photos… @_tonibell is that you!!! :slight_smile:
View the Portland, ME photos here or via [Flickr here] via Pure Grain Audio.

Pure Audio Review of AFI:

Rock band AFI just wrapped up a spree of dates with Nothing and Souvenirs on June 22 in Portland, Maine before a packed venue at Aura. Souvenirs started the night off with a set of '90s emo-inspired rock. This was their first time in Maine and they stopped during the set to tell the audience how much they’d enjoyed their brief visit to Portland.

Up next, shoegaze band Nothing took things up a notch, with a loud yet mellow performance. They didn’t have to do much to win the crowd over, as evidenced by the multitude of “Nothing” shirts in the crowd.

After a bit of a wait for the stage to be changed over, AFI took to the stage to put on an incredible… continue reading.

View the Montebello photos here via Aesthetic Magazine.


Oh, God, that is me. My friend pointed it out to me. That horribly unattractive ghost in the front keeping an eye on Hunter while looking at Jade and Davey on he other side of the stage is me. FML.

Great photos, though! If this is he dude I’m thinking of, he was really excited about some of the shots he took, and rightfully so.

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Stop… just stop. I think it’s awesome you’re in one of these photos. I’ve been trying to see where we were at the Starland show. I started looking for middle/left about 5 people in, holding phone through Totalimmortal recording… lol. Too hard to see.

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Hahahaha, I always pray that no one gets me in these photos. I guess years of hanging in the same spot was going to end with me being in one. It is cool. My friends busted up laughing because they hung in the back the entire show.

And that’s hysterical. I wish I got all of Totalinmortal on vid. I think I got 30 seconds of it.

Btw. Did you see that they’re repressing The Dork? Preorders open on the 30th.

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Wait, what??? Can you link me?

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Yeah, I’ll message it to you on Instagram. That’s where I saw it. I don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but I’ll send it over.

Considering there are represses and reprints of Behind the Times and Eddie Picnics, I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Oh and there are reprints of Fly in the Ointment… all of these that I listed I totally missed out on. Again, sometimes it’s very hard to keep up with everything.

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I know. I try to keep track, but it’s hard. I sent the link to you via Instagram.

Thank you. Yeah, it looks legit… as it the same as the other represses (which I just purchased the Behind the Times and Eddie Picnics… $15 each… not bad). Looks like I’ll be getting the reprint of the Dork as well.

The real shitty thing is… how much of everything there is:

I didn’t know Behind the Times had test pressings… LOL impossible to keep up.

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Damn. See. This is a problem; there’s so much to keep track of.

It’s completely legitimate and not a scam. Geoff Kresge himself is one of the first people to put the word out about most of these reissues, including this one.

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Really? That’s awesome! I need to search for him on twitter. Where is Geoff most active? Also, please reply to me over here (below) , so we can keep things more on topic. :slight_smile: