AFI photos

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share any photos of AFI. Please and thank you.


Kinda wondering the same… did anyone meet them after the show… hopefully?

Not recently… :pensive: Many years ago, I met them a few times.

Are bands back to meeting fans in the US? I’m in the UK and a few here have said that while they’re touring they unfortunately won’t be meeting fans right now due to Covid risks, so they don’t disrupt future shows :frowning:

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That’s sad, but understandable given the situation. :cry: :broken_heart:

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Understandable, but that does suck. Meeting the band afterwards is like getting a 3rd encore… getting stuff signed, saying a few words and getting a photo… it really completes the experience.

I remember when we could sign up for meet & greets back in the day…

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I miss the meet and greets. I miss the whole show experience! :pensive:

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