AFI retrospect question

Was the “Five Flowers” mystery conducted during DU to anticipation for Crash Love? That is kinda what I’m gathering. I am just learning about the “Five Flowers” today…

A few sites I’ve been reading up on:

I could be wrong but I thought the main five flowers thing was around the build up to DU, and ending in a secret show.

After that there were a few unofficial attempts to keep the mystery going, a lot of people joined late and missed the first one. People trying to dig deeper and find things that just weren’t there.

Of course, afi being afi back then, there were subtle teasers and stuff leading up to crash love, with people thinking this would be another down the rabbit hole mystery like before, but I don’t think it ever quite worked out like that. It was more of a keyboard exercise compared to the first one where people were running all over town and eventually tracking down Smith. Still cool, but I think the second ‘mystery’ only happened because of the excitement after the first, rather than being an intended continuation

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The Five Flowers was definitely building up to DU. For DU to CL if I remember correctly, it was all in code within the boards, as well as in the address sites? I remember a lot of roman numerals. I will say, that since then however…The paranoia of everything being a mystery is always there hahahaha.


Five Flowers was DU. The videos were included in I Heard a Voice.

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I was at the Toronto secret show… everyone was told it was “listening party “ for the new album… worst kept secret around… it was at the Reverb (no longer exists) at Queen and Bathurst… had all their gear covered in with tarps/sheets and once the album playing was over they came out and played a set

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