AFI Review & Photos of 77 Montreal

photo: Steve Garrard

MontrealRocks.Ca contributors, Simon Williams (review) and Steve Gerrard (photos) recently put together a fantastic article. Simon writes about his experience seeing AFI for the first time since 2003!

Weird to speak of AFI as being “old-school,” but having formed in 1991, they most certainly are at this point. Frontman Davey Havok is an iconic figure in the punk scene but has changed so much since the last time I saw them, way back in 2003. Back then, Davey cut a truly Gothic figure, with long scraggly hair and a black mesh shirt, but now, he’s clean-shaven, with a slick haircut and a leather jacket… for want of a better comparison, he kinda reminds me of Adam Levine! Still, as soon as the opening chords of Girls Not Grey play out, its evident that the sound hasn’t changed at all, and the crowd sings along with vigor throughout the 12-song greatest hits set. Between songs, the crowd chants “AFI! AFI! AFI!,”… continue reading!

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