AFI Set List & Album Breakdown 07.29.17 Brooklyn Bowl, LV

With only four more US tour dates this year yet, AFI struck Las Vegas, Nevada’s Brooklyn Bowl last night and they did so with a very impressive set list. Last night’s list featured many rare songs such as “Now the World”, a 336 b-side and “Summer Shudder” from 06’s Decemberunderground (not played live since 2009). Check out the set list and full album breakdown below.

4 x songs played - Sing the Sorrow
2 x songs played - Blood Album
3 x songs played - Decemberunderground
2 x songs played - B-sides
2 x songs played - Art of Drowning
1 x songs played - Burials
1 x songs played - Black Sails in the Sunset

  1. Girl’s Not Grey - Sing the Sorrow
  2. This Celluloid Dream - Sing the Sorrow
  3. Still a Stranger - Blood Album
  4. 37mm - Decemberunderground
  5. Paper Airplanes - Sing the Sorrow
  6. Summer Shudder - Decemberunderground (last played live in 2009)
  7. Snow Cats - Blood Album
  8. Now the World - 336 record with Reiver’s Music (B-side)
  9. Days of the Phoenix - Art of Drowning
  10. On the Arrow - B-side
  11. Despair Factor - Art of Drowning
  12. I Hope You Suffer - Burials
  13. Silver and Cold - Sing the Sorrow
  14. Gad Called in Sick Today - Black Sails in the Sunset
  15. Miss Murder - Decemberunderground

NOTE: I do not know what the “T” markings on the set list are for.

Now the World is one of my fave songs. Amazing to see it on a setlist.


Show was so great. Tried to record it all but ended up jumping around too much haha. Audio was blown out for most of the footage anyway. Loved Daveys commentary after Summer Shudder. “It’s been a minute since we did that one” It sure has.


@levalar same for me!


Yeah, I can totally relate with the sound and difficulty recording. I didn’t wanna be one of those guys recording a lot but at the same time I knew I’d hate myself if I didn’t… especially during Totalimmortal.