AFI Set List & Album Breakdown from Melbourne, Australia 9/10/17

While no pictures of an actual set list have appeared online to my knowledge yet, has updated with an impressive 16-song set list including “This Time Imperfect”. Their set list was heavy with 5 tracks from “Sing the Sorrow”, tied with 3 from “Blood Album” and 3 from “Art of Drowning”. Check it out below.

Photo credit: @trolleyLAMB

NOTE: Directly below is the set list order of songs as per AFINewsHQ. Below THAT is the set list order of songs via Once, an actual photo of a set list appears or we get other confirmation of which list is the most accurate, we will update.


  1. Girl’s Not Grey
  2. 17 Crimes
  3. This Celluloid Dream
  4. So Beneath You
  5. Paper Airplanes
  6. Love Like Winter
  7. Beautiful Thieves
  8. He Who Laughs Last
  9. Feed From The Floor
  10. The Despair Factor
  11. Ever and a Day
  12. Days of the Phoenix
  13. Snow Cats
  14. I Hope You Suffer
  15. Silver and Cold
  16. This Time Imperfect
  17. Miss Murder


  1. Girl’s Not Grey (Sing the Sorrow)
  2. 17 Crimes (Burials)
  3. Beautiful Thieves (Crash Love)
  4. This Celluloid Dream (Sing the Sorrow)
  5. Paper Airplanes (Sing the Sorrow)
  6. So Beneath You (Blood Album)
  7. The Despair Factor (Art of Drowning)
  8. Morningstar (Art of Drowning)
  9. The Days of the Phoenix (Art of Drowning)
  10. Snow Cats (Blood Album)
  11. Love Like Winter (Decemberunderground)
  12. Feed From the Floor (Blood Album)
  13. Silver and Cold (Sing the Sorrow)
  14. I Hope You Suffer (Burials)
  15. This Time Imperfect (Sing the Sorrow)
  16. Miss Murder (Decemberunderground)

5 x songs played: Sing the Sorrow
2 x songs played: Burials
1 x songs played: Crash Love
3 x songs played: Blood Album
3 x songs played: Art of Drowning
2 x songs played: Decemberunderground

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I’m so jealous and having serious AFI show withdrawal. sigh It looks like Australia is getting an amazing run.

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@_tonibell me too! That’s why my lottery plan was to follow them to Australia!:rofl:

Hahaha, that was a solid plan.

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