AFI Set List & Album Breakdown from Paso Robles, CA @ Vina Robles Amphitheater 08.02.17

Now, that we’re getting down to the last few dates on AFI’s tour I suppose we can see some last minute US tour surprises on set lists. AFI performed at the Vina Robles Amphitheater last night in Paso Robles, CA and put on a 14 song set list with some songs that haven’t been played at every show including “Boy Who Destroyed the World” from the All Hallows EP, which has only been performed three times in 2017 as per

Boy Who Destroyed the World stats via

See below for the set list and a full album breakdown.

1 x songs played - Black Sails in the Sunset
3 x songs played - Sing the Sorrow
3 x songs played - Burials
2 x songs played - Blood Album
1 x songs played - All Hallows EP (song only performed three times this year)
1 x songs played - Very Proud of Ya
2 x songs played - Decemberunderground
1 x songs played - Crash Love

  1. Strength Through Wounding - Black Sails in the Sunset
  2. This Celluloid Dream - Sing the Sorrow
  3. 17 Crimes - Burials
  4. Aurelia - Blood Album
  5. Biy Who Destroyed the World - All Hallows EP
  6. Face Beneath the Waves - Burials
  7. He Who Laughs Last - Very Proud of Ya
  8. Snow Cats - Blood Album
  9. Killing Lights - Decemberunderground
  10. I Hope You Suffer - Burials
  11. Silver and Cold - Sing the Sorrow
  12. Girl’s Not Grey - Sing the Sorrow
  13. Beautiful Thieves (played instead of The Interview) - Crash Love
  14. Miss Murder - Decemberunderground

Set list credit: AFINewsHQ

I’m immensely jealous. I make no secret of my love for the All Hallows EP. But I’m also happy for everyone who had an oppritunity to see it.

I’m mainly jealous because I genuinely considered making the drive to Paso Robles after San Diego, and inevitably wasn’t able to due to other commitments.

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If it makes you feel any better, I could have gone to two other AFI shows earlier this year but didn’t have the foresight to go to more than 1 at that time. Thankfully my wife booked our tickets for the June show.

The next time they tour, I want to go to as many of the nearby shows as possible, Philly, Baltimore, NJ, Delaware. MAYBE even NY.

I’ll carpool with you, and we can do every East Coast date within a reasonable distance. I live in D.C. most of the year.

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I may take you up on that! :slight_smile:

It’d be awesome to be able to “tour” with AFI on their next tour. Granted, we’re looking at what, four years roughly? Still… better to plan now than later. :slight_smile:

The Boy Who Destroyed The World #AFI @AFI @VinaRoblesAmp another rad selection from the vault. Thank you gentlemen! 🤘

— Scar On The Sky (@HammerOfThor84) August 3, 2017

Video of Boy Who Destroyed the World @BrandonsNotGrey

I’m not seeing anything on YouTube yet… too early, lol.

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I’m hoping they tour the East Coast, at least one more time, due to the fact that the Circa Survive Co-Headliner is missing a lot of major cities, especially on the East Coast.

I know it’s unlikely, but I’m still hoping.

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Good points… here’s hoping for Winter tour… lol. :smiley:

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This show was incredible. The Boy Who Destroyed The World is my absolute favorite song so seeing it live was something I’ll never forget. Just an all around great show.

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It sounded so good too (I saw a video :slight_smile: ). Be proud to be there when they play those rarer tracks!

Even this last show was a tie between STS and Burials at 3 songs each.

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