AFI Set List and Album Breakdown from Nashville, TN (07/19/17)

Tonight, AFI continued on with their Blood Tour and struck an amazing set at the Nashville War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee (07/19/2017). At first we had gotten reports that “Jack the Ripper” was performed, but it was only a few chords between songs and NOT the full song played. However, Nashville got a great set list including “Miseria Cantare” - making it the 2nd time played since '07! Check out the set list and album recap below!

Similar to last night’s show in Atlanta, GA, Sing the Sorrow was played the most, followed by Decemberunderground.

Reviews as such include…

Set List, Recap and more below!

Credit: AFINewsHQ

Set List Recap…

  1. Miseria Cantare (Sing the Sorrow)
  2. Girl’s Not Grey (Sing the Sorrow)
  3. Above the Bridge (Blood Album)
  4. 17 Crimes (Burials)
  5. Lost Souls (Art of Drowning)
  6. Rabbits are Roadkill on Rt 37 (Decemberunderground B-side)(last played on 06/18)
  7. This Celluloid Dream (Sing the Sorrow)
  8. The Conductor (Burials)
  9. Paper Airplanes (Sing the Sorrow)
  10. Despair Factor (Art of Drowning)
  11. I Hope You Suffer (Burials)
  12. Love Like Winter (Decemberunderground)
  13. Snow Cats (Blood Album)
  14. Days of the Phoenix (Art of Drowning)
  15. Silver and Cold (Sing the Sorrow)
  16. The Interview (Decemberunderground)
  17. Miss Murder (Decemberunderground)

x 5 songs played - Sing the Sorrow
x 2 songs played - Blood Album
x 3 songs played - Burials
x 3 songs played - Art of Drowning
x 4 songs played - Decemberunderground

THEY PLAYED “THE INTERVIEW?” I am SO jealous. Ahhhhhh.

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THE INTERVIEW!!! I’ve seen them twice this year and hoped they would play that, but they didn’t! It’s the song my wife and I danced to at our wedding… Would’ve been so awesome to see it live!


So my phone died and wouldn’t charge at all for me.

But the Jack the Ripper definitely happened, and it was because Adam broke something hahaha. The show in all was amazing. And my friend Caleb and I went absolutely nuts hearing Miseria.

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Ok, that’s awesome. Especially awesome that your wife agreed to having the song an AFI song. Are you both fans?

LOL! Adam broke something?? I love Adam. Met him twice… so humble and down to earth.

Yea, something broke on the drum set. Looked like a pedal for the high hat or something in that area. I was SUPER lucky and somehow got front and center with my partner in crime, and we still don’t know how that happened hahaha. But it gave me the perfect view for what was going on.


OMG, that’s so sweet. I do NOT have a sweet story attached to that song (more depressing than anything), but it still means the world to me. I understand the pain in not hearing it.

Yeah, I was really into them when I met my wife (still am). She knew they were a huge part of me, and accepted it quite well. After a year or so of dating, (we met in july of 2005, and DU came out in June of 2006) we decided that we needed “Our Song” and that was a perfect slow song to dance to from the album that never left the cd player at the time. Got married in 2010, and it still has the connection for us to this day.


Awww, I love that! :sparkling_heart:

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@HavokSMR as soon as I find The Interview uploaded by someone I’ll update the first post and tag you.

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There’s quite a few videos on youtube from last week. But be careful, if you just put in “The Interview” for it, it brings up the 2010 show in Nashville.

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Yep, I’ve been making sure they are titled for that day and have the venue in the description… they usually do. I don’t see it yet. It typically takes a few days to a week… we’ll see. It’s whenever “they” feel like uploading it.

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My people and I will make alters for the one who uploads the most recent performance of “The Interview”…my people being my dog, Simba, the Pomeranian, and me.

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lol… I also usually try to find (whoever uploads it) their twitter if they have one, then mention them in the thread. That way, they also may join the forums. :slight_smile:

I have many strategies… hehe.

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It’s all good. I still go with my offer to make them a god amongst my people, but, you know, your method works, too. :wink:

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We’ve made a milestone though… 40 users! :smiley:

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YES!!! That’s actually not bad for how young these boards are.

In two weeks, two months.

06.08.17 :slight_smile:

Way too late, but then again how long have the official boards been down?

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These lovely boards were created the day after I saw AFI in Hartford? Huh! Did I join that day? I think I did.

And, damn, years now, right? Let me check.

Eh, well, I’m an idiot. Maybe 2016. I didn’t really pay attention to the forums for a while. I guess I assumed they went defunct.

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Yeah, that’s when the domain name officially went into effect.

Seriously?!? The official forums have been down that long?