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AFI Set List Archive: reserved for the placement and discussion of earlier AFI set lists

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This thread is reserved for housing the set list works and gatherings of the respective individuals who put this all together to make it happen:



Performing “brownie bottom sundae” at the Rockin’ Rex record store in Yonkers, NY

July 23, 1995.

Credit to: ixnay & Alli of, AFINewsHQ

The link below features shows as early as 1994:

I’d also like to thank the folks over on the Fall Children Facebook Page as I wouldn’t have seen this without me being a member there*


Special thanks to AFI News HQ for deleting the archive I made for 2006-2009.


Do you still have it?


No, sorry :frowning:


Any chance we could find it using the way back machine? Is that worth a try?


Go for it. I’m not sure if the way machine would host it still, as it was a rather heavy file. It’s all on anyway.