AFI show photos


This thread is for any photos you took at the show.

These are from 6/18/17 in Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom.


I have quite a few! These are from the Maine and Sayreville shows! I probably have a few from NY too if I look on my Mac


We were both at the Sayreville show. What an amazing show… :slight_smile:


Yeah it was so great! One of my friends was scared off by the show vibes, but my other friend stayed the whole time with me and we got to chat with the guys after they came out at the end of the show. It was amazing!
Also the double encore and all the crowd interactions at that show were so great. Davey put his all into it (I’m pretty sure he mentioned that his dad was at the show or something)


Yes! His Dad was there at the show. He dedicated 6 to 8 to him just before they started playing it. :slight_smile:


I have lots of concert pics on my Instagram. I’ll try to post the highlights here. Let’s start with Red Rocks!

St. Louis