Afi/smashing pumpkins tour

Who Will I see at the Chicago, Maryland, cleavland, charlotte NC and Alpharetta Georgia shows?



AFI is coming to Charlotte?? I don’t know how I missed hearing about that. I live like an hour from there. Definitely the nearest they’ve come in a while.

Edit -

Goddamnit. They’re playing at the motherfucking Pavilion. When they came to Raleigh last year with Anti-Flag they played outside too. In August. In the south. Uuuuugh…

That raleigh show was dope though I think I still have that setlist somewhere Im down to very few out of 20 setlists ive aquired in past 4 years Im down to like 4 cause ive given them away to other DF members just because. Really as long as I have the kansas city blood tour one and the one from dallas on mia tour Im ok those have special meaning. The Raleigh show wasnt even the hottest I can attest the most miserable was the asbury park in new jersey omg It was literally hell on earth hot

I’m hoping I get to go to to Charlotte’s show, I already know where I want to sit😎

Well im doing lawn for all those except chicago im doing barricade pit cause its ga standing room only and not bs assigned seating

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I need to stop getting excited for AFI when I havent even done these blaqk audio shows yet :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Hiiii you’ll see me at the Maryland show in the lawn :grin: I feel like I’ll see you in Philly for BA first


You will lolfor BA I got phoenix chicago detroit boston philly both nyc shows and dc

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I’ll be at the Alpharetta show in Georgia

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See you in Georgia im glad they are playing 2 close shows living in greenville sc im in between both charlotte and atlanta so it works out​:joy::joy::joy:


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Sweet ! Will link up in GA

Im still debtaing on what shows to go to. I can’t pay the high end price for these shows especially if i wana go to a few of them.

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That’s what I was kind of bummed about . The price of the tickets and I’m sure AFI will only be on for a 30 min set . Do what we must tho .

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I’ll be in the lawn at the MD show. Ticket prices were insane.

I’ve never been to a show at a venue this big. I think I’m going to be disappointed but it’s better than not going at all.

@Midnightrunner I’ll also be at the Philly BA show :slightly_smiling_face:


Cant wait for Alpharetta show!!!

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I think I might go to the Chicago date as Chicago is the closest to me. I think I am going to skip Blaqk Audio and try to go to an AFI date if I can. @Cher_I_Despair Thanks for offering to drive me to Michigan though.

Dont skip blaqk audio its such a fun and intimate experience no matter where you are at the venues are small and several are no barricade


I’ll definitely be there in Columbia, MD - hoping they get to play more than five songs.


Anyone going to the Ohio show on the 19th? Debating if I should get some lawn tickets, they’re only $20 right now on live nation

Ill be at Chicago Ohio maryland charlotte amd Atlanta shows feel free to say Hello if you see my Im a chatterbox and will always strike convo