AFI Song Guide: ATASF Discussion Thread

It’s time for the first discussion thread for the AFI song guide I’m writing! And what better place to begin than the first album, Answer That And Stay Fashionable?

Use this thread for whatever you’d like to contribute to the book related to ATASF. As a reminder, here is the track listing:

  1. “Two of a Kind”
  2. “Half-Empty Bottle”
  3. “Yürf Rendenmein”
  4. “I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won’t Let Me Get One)”
  5. “Brownie Bottom Sundae”
  6. “The Checkered Demon”
  7. “Cereal Wars”
  8. “The Mother in Me”
  9. “Rizzo in the Box”
  10. “Kung-Fu Devil”
  11. “Your Name Here”
  12. “Ny-Quil”
  13. “Don’t Make Me Ill”
  14. “Open Your Eyes”
  15. “High School Football Hero”

Remember, the core of this book is 185 song reviews, along with overviews of the albums and thoughts on the band and their impact in general. You can use this thread to add your own reviews of any and all songs on ATASF (only the ones listed above, as the songs on alternate versions of the album will be covered in a future thread about B-sides), or thoughts, reflections, etc. on the album itself. It’s pretty open-ended. Fan art is also appreciated. For example, here is an image I created to represent the album on the book’s cover:

Have fun, and thanks for your input!


One of my favorite songs on this album is High School Football Hero. Holy crap, would it be awesome if they played it live… LOL.

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Awesome! I look forward to contributing to this project soon! :fire::heart:️:notes:

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To this day whenever I think of AFI, of all their killer career defining songs, I will always put Rizzo in The Box as an essential song for me. It’s such a different piece from what the band is now known for. It is sometimes odd to think of them as the same band as well as the same people who wrote this album.

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Yeah, it’s really a different band.

Two Of A Kind was actually the first AFI song I heard when I was 12 and I was hooked right from there. My progression went from ATASF and VPOY (Given to me by my uncle who met them in '96, even giving me the signed VPOY), and then basically straight to STS when it was released. I still love this album and how catchy a punk album can really be.

I’m going to have to brush up on this album. This was a bit before my time. Haha. I never listened to it really thoroughly and thoughtfully, though I do enjoy it.

When I wanted to get a tattoo…an AFI tattoo no less, the moment I turned 18, my mom said no. That night I BLASTED I Wanna Get a Mohawk in my room because I was so upset.

I know this songs are childish in a lot of ways, especially compared to modern AFI, but there’s still a lot of real emotion in them that can be related to.


oh, you’re definitely right.

All of this discussion makes me wanna pop this album in…

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Now would be a good time, seeing as Rizzo In The Box was just played live for the first time in 17 years. I’m astounded. Eagerly awaiting footage of that.

EDIT: Apparently they didn’t play it after all, though it was on the setlist. Adam himself just corrected AFI News HQ. Here’s hoping they do later, though!


I asked Adam if they plan on playing it before their tour ends. I’m really hoping he responds… it will be a fanboy moment. :slight_smile:

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