AFI Song Stats: #MourninginAmerika 2018


I was thinking that but felt it might get complicated to follow, but I applaud that. Your chart will show that difference so we’ll have both worlds. :slight_smile:

BTW 425 total views on our charts so far. Not too shabby. :wink: @sayasha


Yes! Hurray for stats!!


Updated with percentages from 2nd leg. I’ll work on combining everything and making some pretty pie charts by the end of the week. :smiley:


Anyone have the Irvine setlist yet?


Not sure about the setlist but this is supposedly the whole Irvine show :wink: Haven’t got the time to watch it yet :frowning: Shared by @Miss_Debbie on Twitter :slight_smile:


Eirinnie streamed most of the Irvine show live on Instagram. And told everyone how when she first started dating Adam she watched the Beautiful Thieves music video four times a day…and yet didn’t know the words. Her commentary is always great :joy: