AFI Stickers/Patches


Anyone on here collect AFI stickers or patches? If any of you have any spares, let me know. I have some spares myself if anyone wanted to do a swap…


This is all that has survived over the years. Definitely used to have much more stickers. Also had the white patch that was given out with an earlier EP (Eddie’s?) but I can’t remember what I did with it. I have a feeling past me put it inside with something I framed.


Those red sts stickers are awesome…simple yet powerful for us in the know.


Hopefully one day we can start getting some enamel pins to collect. Many of the patch designs would make awesome enamel pins imo.


Ok, you win! Nice collection!! I’ve got a couple more on the way so I’ll do you an updated photo of my collection once they’ve come in.
Let me know if you want to swap any of your spares for any in my photo.


Wow the pumpkins,the block letters,sts,the crash and I heard a voice stickers all amazing stuff you guys.


Are these all spares that you have?


Isn’t it funny how none of actually use our stickers and patches? Lol

One of these days I’ll even end up framing mine.


Yeah mine are all spares.


If your interested in selling them all can you PM me a price shipped to Canada



Sorry, I’m just looking to swap.


@Nick210 @dnlkdwll you guys have any spares that you’re willing to part with? If not, no biggy.