AFI Touring Again

I’m so excited for their new tour! I’m going with my sister Aimee on 2/15 at the Rialto in Tucson. At 10:00 am on Thursday I’ll be purchasing tickets. Does anyone know what prices they’re going for? I’ll pay 75$ if they’re that expensive. What venues are others going to? Can’t wait!


i just saw a pricing list through eventbrite and general admin is 150 to 430 dollars. IDK if its legit though.

Oh that would be a bummer. I wanted finish my AFI tat this month. Can’t do both. I’d choose tickets first though.

Got tickets for San Diego, Vegas, and LA. After fees, etc they each ended up being around 40 bucks.


What’s the access code I’m trying to buy my tickets

Who you going with? To the LA show

Anyone going to the Portland show?

during df presale most were 29.50 but after bullshit fees became 43$-50$ I just secured all 27 dates that newly added Hollywood one caught me by surprise while I was at work :joy::joy::joy:

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All 27??? Holy crap… clearly you’ve been saying up! Lol

nope I got all year to do so and 2 others are doing it with me so being split 3 ways will help alot and using quadpay afterpay and sezzle for everything will help too

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Closest show to me is 8 hours away so I’m making the drive from Kansas City to the Minneapolis show. This will be my second time seeing them, last time was on the Burials tour with Touché Amoré so I’m super excited! Anyone else gonna see them in Minneapolis?

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