AFI VHS Thread - General Discussion


Here’s another one @Snobgrass


In case anyone’s interested, I do have a VCR and a VHS–>DVD converter, I can convert any AFI tape you want for free if you send them to me and pay for their return.


@Snobgrass if you’re interested. Personally, I’m not planning on paying this. Plus, it kinda seems like these are popping up all over the place or just kinda common.


Yeah, i saw that on there. Not interested in that one, I look for older stuff. I appreciate the heads up though.


That was sickkkkk. That’s one gem of a find there, sir. Thank you.



After some research, this song on this VHS is apparently “The Checkered Demon”.
NOTE: This is a VHS of surfers with different artist soundtracks.

I’m gonna pass as I need to cool down a bit, lol.