AFI Website & Blaqk Audio Facebook page (slight) Updates?

Is it just me or is the site slightly different now? No more Blood drops? The links at the top right weren’t as dark before, I thought?



And Blaqk Audio’s Faceboiok page definitely received an update…

Thanks to Jasmine for pointing this out:


I saw that this morning. Maybe we will get the Blaqk Audio album, or maybe a single, before the end of the year

Well, if I’m correct BA has already finished their next album but hasn’t released it? Also with Davey’s jacket/ the name of the shirt for the DF could be another AFI mystery forming as well? Tbh, I’m only keeping up here and there with work…And griping at prices for tickets…Because $60 for a ticket kept me to only my hometown show for MIA tour.

Very interesting indeed! Something is brewing for sure…

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-insert all fans trying to figure out something here-

@ForumFoxCarolyn :wink:

Im just gonna come out with it Davey told me New BA in fall and the missing man mystery is the new AFI EP :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: By Now ive seen several people figure the shit out anyways.


Well…I don’t remember exactly how was the deal with the blood drops before…because honestly…I didn’t spend more than 5 seconds watching the blood drops falling down…well…anyway…

If you click on “Home” the blood drop start to fall down…

If you press the little blue button on the top a small video window appears and you can see that they video lasts for 2:54 minutes…until finally the whole page is bloody red and then goes back to black as when you load the page for the first time…

So on this one…I think they are only messing with us…making us believe that something is coming…or maybe…something is coming so they are making us think that something is coming so we believe that is a fake when it’s really the real thing :confounded:


I was kind of thinking EP…


Ok so I got excited over nothing… my mistake! That’s odd… I don’t remember it being like that before.

Regardless, thanks for proving me wrong. :slight_smile:

Well…as I said…we can’t be sure…maybe this is something that they using to confuse us…anyway…like you say…I don’t remember the page being like that either…so for sure they change it…let’s wait and see what else we can find…

Don’t you think that if an EP was coming they would have release it before the RA tour?

Don’t look to much into nothing. There’s no new songs registered on BMI.

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Makes me think of the DF package in Oct - Nov 2017. They released it AFTER their tour, which made little sense to me.

Granted, months later we would learn about their current tour.