Something new from AFI coming? See inside for details

Yesterday marked the release of the newest (6th) DF package. Many of you may have noticed that the shirt was described as “DF Missing Woman T-shirt”.

According to James Cross via the Fall Children Facebook page, Davey’s new jacket on the Mourning in Amerika tour had spelled, “MISSING MAN”.

"Davey’s new jacket on the MIA tour says “Missing Man”.

The new DF shirt is titled “Missing Woman” in the cart.

There seems to be a theme. Thoughts?"


After seeing that Davey’s jacket spelled out “MISSING MAN” and there being mention of a theme… I had immediately recalled just hours before when I was a little puzzled to see Linas Garsys’ comment to a fan who was commenting on the shirt. See below:

Linas mentions, “it will all make sense”

What could it mean?


Funny thought first…“I also thought they only had Woman size t-shirts” LOL

Serious thought now…that’s totally a theme…“Missing man”…“Missing woman”…also…AFAIK the design does seem to be related to anything that AFI has done in the past…so for me it smells like a new album…all the spirals look like a CD (well…actually a vinyl)…also…there’s a key on the woman’s head…so that could mean that’s there’s going to be a quest rather than a new album…wasn’t there a quest on the Crash Love era? Or am I just confusing it with something else?

Anyway…something is coming…that’s for sure…I’m an excited now… :smiley:

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I wonder if they’re going to do a new project with this, like the way they did the teaser videos for Burials.

Looks like a record on a record player and the woman’s body is the arm of a record player…maybe the key where her mouth is represents the needle that plays the record.


I feel any new record is way too soon. Granted, we’re kind of approaching two years since Blood came out. But I still think it’s way too early based off of their record timing since 2003.

An EP would be all exciting, but I doubt that too.

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Heck! That’s brilliant! Never thought of that…but totally makes sense :slight_smile:

And BTW…I was reading a post on Fall Children…and maybe they are on the right track…“Missing” might refer to all the (Ok…not all but a bunch) songs that AFI had recorder but never released…all the missing songs can go into an album…

Because…yep…even when totally awesome…it’s way to soon for a new album…

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I was thinking maybe it might be connected to the 15th song for Blood that was completely done and was the only one they could all agree to cut? Maybe?


There’s gotten be a connection here… the key on the DF shirt is on the womans face.

Theres a lock on this AFI tour shirt… there’s alsoalso six total figures…


This is getting more interesting :slight_smile: Haven’t seen the tour shirt…also this one is a square while the other one is a circle…and why 6 figures?


I checked BMI’s repertoire and there aren’t any new songs

Huh, now that’s interesting. At first I thought the woman’s face was a bizarre sort of dark cartoon of her crying while perhaps strangling herself(?), and the key is her eye and tears. Interesting…I don’t get too excited about this kind of stuff anymore because in recent years it’s not meant anything really, just kind of interesting designs or whatever, but I also can’t help being curious when AFI starts trying to pull their mindfuckery again.


At first, I was doubting that AFI has got something stirring, but with the designer of the DF shirt, Linas Garsys, commenting that “It will all make sense” and with the whole key and lock thing on the shirts, I think theres a possibility we will be seeing something new from the band in the near future. Could there be something to uncover/unlock? Maybe a quest like someone mentioned above? I don’t think it’ll be new music, but who knows what else could be coming.
Or this whole missing man/woman and key and lock thing could just be fun designs. :wink:


I’m gonna go with your last suggestion. It’s probably what Linas meant by saying that.

I do find Daveys jacket intriguing though.

I hope theres more to it, but probably not.

:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: everyone will be excited


Ah, so you know. Gotcha. I really don’t like not being in the loop… lol.

I’m going to guess we won’t know until 9/14, which is the bundle release date :slight_smile:


If it does become anything I’ll obviously be buying it, but I really don’t see anything coming from it.

Us AFI fans always wanting more. :slight_smile:


So awesome,I remember Jade saying they wanted to work or were already working on a follow up but it is very soon,the design reminded me of the scrapped EP that had songs “fainting spells” and “chair kicking” dont know why but im totally reaching here. It also made me think of the D.U. mystery,I remember racing to axis records to ask for the five flowers I think I have one of two dvd s that was the creepy directions video with hunter holding an apple,I have to look for it its gold and has a rabbit on it.

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