AFI's "Girl's Not Grey" featured on BuzzFeed's Top 25 Alternative Songs of 2003

So, my apologies for bringing this article to the table a little late, but here we go!

In a recent BuzzFeed article, author Brian Galindo reflected upon 2003 in the music industry. Specifically what songs you immediately think of when someone mentions that year. Of course for AFI, we were delivered the incredibly powerful album, “Sing the Sorrow”. The hit single from that album, “Girl’s Not Grey” is very well-known and featured on BuzzFeed’s list of “25 Songs You’ll Immediately Recognize If You Listened to Alternative Radio in 2003”.

Browsing down through these artists, it’s crazy to look back at all of the songs that were playing during the time. AFI’s hit track is definitely a contender.


Awesome! Girls Not Grey is one of my favorite AFI songs! And actually…one of my favorite Punk Rock song from all time :smiley:

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