AFI's last show w/ NOTHING & Souvenirs is tonight in Maine

Photo courtesy of @_tonibell at the Maine show tonight!!!

I’m thankful I was about to see AFI in February at the 9:30 Club and also this past Sunday at the Starland Ballroom, NJ. :slight_smile:

Did you make it to any of their shows this year so far?

Every time I’ve seen these guys live, I’ve somehow been at barricade or right behind barricade on Jade’s side. It almost feels like home at this point. LOL.

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NYC, Boston, and Atlanta so far. Then next month I have Atlanta and Nashville! Thankfully, I only live an hour south of the Nashville venue, so that one won’t be as bad.


My jealousy is now swaying towards you… two shows?!? LOL. Yeah, I’m sure we’ll be thinking about you!

I’m still waiting for people to upload full versions of Who Knew? and Anxious. :slight_smile:

My next exciting step is getting my set list framed. :smiley:

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Trust me I understand. There’s been a LOT of bad things in my life recently, so I didn’t get to go to the shows I wanted to for this leg. But since there’s actually Southern shows I can actually go. In general though, I don’t do anything when there’s no tours honestly. I don’t go out, I hardly do anything besides being a mom. Because you know, priorities.

So when it’s tour time, I actually get to do something for myself! =]

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I had no room on my phone to get full videos. :frowning:

LOL that is basically my wife and I… that is awesome. :slight_smile:

@_tonibell I cleared / dumped my phone on my external hard drive before the show. :slight_smile: Otherwise, I had 0 room for photos let alone video. :slight_smile:

I deleted my contacts. Damn all the work apps I need.