AFI's Set List from Salt Lake City, UT had "Rizzo in the Box" and "God Called in Sick Today", but NOT played

That’s correct - the rarer songs on last night’s set list were not played after all. Rizzo was confirmed not played after Adam Carson responded to AFINewsHQ and let them know that while it was on the set list, AFI called an “audible” and decided to skip it.

If AFI would have indeed played the “Answer That and Stay Fashionable” hit, “Rizzo in the Box”, it would have been 17 years since they last performed that song. Regarding the “Black Sails in the Sunset” last track, “God Called in Sick Today”, it would have been the first time performing it since February this year.

It’s very interesting to think about what kind of crowd reaction (difference) the band would have gotten if they did indeed play these two songs. Regardless, it was still a great set list! Check out the set list below followed by our album breakdown. This time, both the Blood Album and Sing the Sorrow were both played evenly at 3 songs from each album.

Actual played songs:

1 x songs played - Black Sails in the Sunset
2 x songs played - Decemberunderground
3 x songs played - Blood Album
3 x songs played - Sing the Sorrow
1 x songs played - Crash Love
1 x songs played - Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
2 x songs played - Art of Drowning
1 x songs played - Burials

  1. Strength Through Wounding (Black Sails in the Sunset)
  2. Miss Murder (Decemberunderground)
  3. So Beneath You (Blood Album)
  4. Girl’s Not Grey (Sing the Sorrow)
  5. Veronica Sawyer Smokes (Crash Love)
  6. Still A Stranger (Blood Album)
  7. Salt For Your Wounds (Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes)
  8. Snow Cats (Blood Album)
  9. Lost Souls (Art of Drowning)
  10. Days of the Phoenix (Art of Drowning)
  11. Love Like Winter (Played instead of Rizzo) (Decemberunderground)
  12. I Hope You Suffer (Burials)
  13. Silver and Cold (Sing the Sorrow)
  14. Morningstar (God Called in Sick Today was not played) (Art of Drowning)
  15. Paper Airplanes (Sing the Sorrow)

Set List credit: AFINewsHQ

Damn. I wonder why they skipped them, especially God Called in Sick Today.