Another old fan & new member

Hi there. I got into AFI in 2003, when “Girl’s Not Grey” was getting big on the radio and TV. That was the first song I heard from them, and “Sing the Sorrow” was my first AFI CD. Before that, I was mostly bumping New Found Glory and Green Day, so uh…it’s safe to say AFI helped ease me into harder music. In fact, they’re probably the main reason I dug into more underground punk and hardcore. I’d say them namedropping bands like Jawbreaker, Snapcase and 7 Seconds as influences in random interviews kinda steered me in the right direction (for me at least!) musically, lol. I’ve been following them since and I’ll probably never stop.


Welcome! Sing the Sorrow is an excellent album!

Welcome to the forums! <33

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Welcome to the forums! :smiley: “Girls Not Grey” was my first AFI song as well! :smiley: Although I became a fan years later…like 15 years later LOL Anyway…hope you enjoy your time here :wink:

Ahhh Snapcase!! Glad to see there is another fan of theirs here!

@24HrRevengeTherapy Thank you for finding us.