Another Prodigal Fall Child

Hi all!

Like many of you, life took me for a roller coaster ride away from AFI for many years. I moved to China, listened only to C-pop and K-pop :laughing: and taught English for a while. Then I came back to the States and before I knew it I was married!

Now I’m in Boston, trying to “adult” among people I don’t culturally fit in with, and finding it a passionless endeavor. That’s why I’m rediscovering AFI, who gave me purpose through my teen years. This community feels like home for me, where I know who I am.

Thank you @STORMS for keeping the forum alive! Too bad the official forum is no more.

Funny story, when I was trying to find the forum just now I searched for “AFI forum” and got a bunch of other stuff. So I tried “a fire inside forum” and one of the result pages was titled “Why Don’t Igloos Melt When There’s A Fire Inside?” :laughing:



Welcome to the forums @VictoriousJenn :slight_smile: I was not part of the original foums…but hey! We’re making this forums the new “official” one :wink:

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Welcome @VictoriousJenn ! The rides away from AFI have definitely left an impact, but it’s life.

For me, all roads led back to AFI. :slight_smile: