Any way to recover a really old DF account?

This is probably a long shot, but I signed up for the despair faction about 400 years ago. The last email I received was in 2014 and the email I used to sign up no longer is recognized as a valid login. I was mainly trying to get the DF access code for the STS show (which I assume many people are doing right now). I thought I’d try to ask here out of desperation.

This is an unofficial fan-forum, but welcome!

I was wondering the same actually. I still have my original membership card from 2003/4, but haven’t received emails in years. It doesn’t have a number on it or anything of course. Wondering how to reactivate…

I believe all old DF accounts/email details were shut down along with the old website (although I may be totally wrong about this). They reopen DF membership sign ups every years with either a paid bundle, or you can sign up with just your email. Keep an eye on AFI’s social media and @afiheadquarters on insta, this is where they usually announce sign ups opening. They’ve only done it for this year a few weeks back so you’ll probably have a wait before the next sign up, unfortunately.

sounds as if i missed the presale code already anyway. feels bad man

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