Anyone here Circa Survive Fans?

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So I’ve never been more than a casual listener of Circa Survive, and only saw them live once at a festival a long time ago. So I’m not really aware of what they’re like live, or really what their set will consist of song-wise or anything like that. In light of going to San Diego where I’ll be seeing both them and AFI, I was curious of what anyone here thought of them?

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Also, I’ve listening to a few of their songs on YouTube just to check them out. I can’t say I really cared for them. I expected them to sound more “metal” than they are. If I saw them live it might change my opinion of them a little. but I don’t plan to see them live.

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I just tried to listen to them on Apple Music. I have to be honest, some of their songs I can get really into, some of them I just find boring. It’s hard to imagine them being able to hold their own alongside a band like AFI, which has much more high energy music.


Yeah, it’s funny you say that because, AFHQ posted a review of one of AFI’s latest shows and in that respective review the author went on to say that AFI would have huge shoes to fill (from Circa’s performance).

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I would need to have some words with that author. I go to a lot of hardcore punk shows, as well as various other shows, filled with high energy performers and so on.
I still have not seen a band that quite lives up to AFI’s ability to perform. What it all comes down to is that it’s not just Davey, every single member of that band from to Jade to Hunter to Adam are entertaining to watch and get such joy out of performing. Seeing AFI live is what really made me love them.

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That’s kinda why I wasn’t worried about posting it on here…

I love Circa Survive. I don’t listen to them as much as I used to but the first couple albums of theirs are among of the most interesting post-hardcore out there. People have tried to emulate their blend of ambience and intensity and nobody (that I’m aware of at least) gets that same quality. It’s not really metal. More Bjork by way of Mars Volta.

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Nah, if I’m honest I have always intensely disliked their music. If I’m going to listen to that style, then I’m going to listen to Mars Volta. And even that is pretty different from them. I was a bit surprised to see them share a bill with AFI. I didn’t think there was enough crossover fan wise.

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