Anyone needing a floral picture disc they were selling them at last nights show


Last nights show couldnt be anymore perfect The crowds energy was so amazing you could tell it was a sold out show​:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:



Did they come out after the show to talk? You got so many signatures lol


Yeah it was like only 30 mins after and was already out shooting the shit I didnt even know it til I saw everyone lined up but it was cool everyone was so respectful to Davey and professional it was refreshing we had a few laughs on hom retelling the story of the frathouse when the roomie would bring his twink boy boyfriend over and fuck him in the shower​:skull::skull::skull:


Thanks for the heads up - I hope they still have them in Philly!

Also hope I have the chance to meet them after the Philly or DC show :crossed_fingers:


Thanks! I was a dumb-dumb and forgot to order it online before it sold out.
I also hope they’ll be selling them in Philly and we’ll get a chance to meet the guys. I’ve only ever met Hunter!