AOD Anniversary Video Project


AOD was released 9/26/00, almost 19 years ago. For the 20th anniversary I’d like to put together a video compilation.

If you’d like to contribute, make a video, post it on YouTube as UNLISTED and link me to it so I can pull it.

More info to come.


I’d like to contribute. I’ll have to see if I can dig out my camera and figure out how to post it on youtube because I’m technology challenged hahaha. I’m guessing we’re just talking about what the album means to us?

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Precisely, yes. The video can be short or longer, but I’d recommend keeping it at or under 5 mins. I can always edit it afterwards… I have a program on my PC.

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Where did 9/19 ever come from?

That was when the album was released in 2000.

Wikipedia is the only place I’ve ever seen that date. I will die screaming “September 26th!”


You know what… I couldn’t remember so I Googled it…and sure enough. 9/26 sounds more accurate… thank you.

I loved AOD. It was the very first vinyl I bought. It was the first album to evoke the mania within my mind and I could not get enough. Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with! I really don’t feel worthy of this community, but AFI is my favourite grouping of musicians (dark years). I’m pleased just to be interacting with you all and learning more and more about the band that broke the millennium with it’s new style that would lead to the last actual genre change of the 00’s… Screamo. Sorry. I get going sometimes.


Ah AOD is my fave!! Very special, I would love to contribute but I’m really camera shy :frowning_face: If I work up the nerve…can it just be recorded on our phone camera?

Phone camera is fine!

Is this still on? Any more info? :slight_smile:

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