Archive of any and all Paden,Glitterboy,and Zu Boutique post here

Hey everyone,I was wondering if we can have an archive of all Daveys clothing lines.As I’m almost finishing up getting footage for my AFI origins project with Storms I was considering maybe including Daveys outside endeavors but it doesn’t seem fitting but I personally would like to check out all of his known work as they are hard to come by.I have a few adverts for Glitterboy,and I remember Zu Boutique and the jewelry line with the logo and bumble bee pendant but I would love to see the clothing more so from Glitterboy and Paden.Post it if you got any pics,adverts,or info.Thanks guys and gals
P.s. All that’s left for me for the origins project is a drive to Ukiah and a scheduled private showing of the Phoenix.The weather has been rainy and I’ve been swamped at work.Hope everyone is doing well here’s a few I found online
Womens Paden Teeweb
Thank you to Shaped and their photobucket217502_hi258125_hi233839_hi217943_hi240538_hi842019_hi



I found these,they were the first pendants davey did with PNut jewelry,there was a bumble bee that had yellow and black stones limited to 8,I can’t find it though. On this note does anyone remember the first Zu shirt with this bee and it said who wants honey?Davey mentioned it was a homage to a Smashing Pumpkins song,I never looked into that but I’m curious if anyone knows offhand.Along with the inverted cross he also had the Zu logo a s a pendant with clear stones and the line above the logo was light blue stones that was limited to single digits aswell,they sold so I know someone’s got em,I’d love to buy both.6d047454261478decb61e8ea10deff95--agenda-salesimg-thing

Posted this a while back - the blog in this post has lots of pics of Glitterboy and ZU etc.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you,sorry I missed it first time around.Should I have the mod lock this thread?For the life of me I can’t find anything on Paden was it a men and women’s line?

No, no need to lock it. This is after all an archive thread, I just thought that blog might help you archive some things.
I don’t think I ever found any Paden stuff either-wish I could be of more help!

In relation to your q about the Who Wants Honey shirt, i found a Sims 2 copy of it LOL.

And one of the Zu necklaces you mentioned:

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Awesome that’s the necklace I was talking about,very cool. The Sims shirt is spot on how awesome,it’s a reference to smashing pumpkins dav said and I never caught the reference and I am and nd pumpkins fan.I believe the shirt was $ 60 and limited to 50 if memory serves right.thank you for everything!

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