At a standstil - my AFI?

Does anyone else think they’ve gone through the teachings of AFI and felt at a stand still with the band? I love AFI but was warned to stick with BSITS and earlier. It seems I’m aging as I was a fan since 2001. I think the new AFI (Crash Love and later) is for another type of fan.

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I first got into AFI in 2000/01 in a really big way. I kind of drifted after Decemberunderground, vaguely kept up with album releases etc but wasn’t into them as I had been previously, lots of life stuff getting in the way. Then got back into them in a really big way during lockdown 1 last year when I had a bout of nostalgia and dug out some boxes of old stuff including AFI CDs.

I think most AFI fans have a favourite era, or favourite record. They’ve varied their sound so much over the years it’s not always going to be for everyone, for example I saw a lot of people complaining that they didn’t still sound like their 90s era on Instagram around the time Bodies was released.

I guess it’s a little like old friends drifting as they go through life. Still friends, still lots in common, but different interests have developed over time.

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People change, tastes change… I think that’s okay, as long as you remember the good times. I drifted for a while as well, still listening to the albums sporadically and following news of releases, etc, but not getting nearly as involved as I used to. That had more to do with where I was in my own headspace than a change in musical preference, though; It sounds strange but for quite a long time I felt unworthy of listening to them.

I think wherever you are now, you’ll always have the records that moved you, the songs that changed you, helped you, made you cry or laugh, and even if you feel like it’s ending, those memories are still an important part of who you were and of who you still are. Life is constant change.

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