ATASF wedge records/original press?

Does anybody know what the going rate is for the the ATASF Vinyl that Geoff was selling a couple years ago… I think it was one of the original pressings and the font for the album title was a bit different then the Nitro version… couldn’t find any sold listings on eBay or don’t really go on discogs… any help would be great


I’m fairly certain I have the pressing you’re talking about, but @insectpins @dnlkdwll @Snobgrass or @4ibanez will likely know better.

EDIT: Why, do you see one or are you looking for one?

Also, I think you mean “Wingnut Records”.

I have one… and may look to move it and just keep the nitro version… i don’t need or care to have more then one version of each full length

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I guess study up to see which you have:

EDIT: The one version that I want and let pass recently just because I was buying too much is the Red tour version of the Wingnut pressing.


Crap maybe it was a wingnut version… i may have to dig it out and take it out of the frame to see

Assuming you’re looking for one of these guys, the first press Wingnut red vinyl version:

…here are the last few that sold on discogs, with USD prices:

2018-01-18 — 64.95
2017-07-29 — 49.65 (5200 JPY)
2016-10-21 — 77.72 (55.00 GBP)


Yep, that’s the one I DON’T have. Need. :slight_smile:

Shoot me an offer of your interested in mine… I can get some pictures tonight…

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Is yours the red or black vinyl?

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If it’s a Red version, hell yes. If it’s a regular Wingnut, perhaps, We’ll see.

Apparently they are red… mine is sealed so I can’t 100% confirm either way… bought it from Geoff Kresge when he was selling some of his personal stash on his instagram a year and half/2 years ago and it went right in a record frame and been in a box ever since

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Anybody known how I can tell what colour it is without unsealing it?

Can you send me a photo of front and back?

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I will take it. Have any idea for price?

It is the Red version. You can tell by the barcode (thanks to Discogs)

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I have no idea what they are worth… not sure if those ones that are sold are red copies or not

I am in Canada so shipping would be a bit more then normal

I was watching one on ebay about a month or so ago that was either a Buy it Now or the bid started at $80. I do not know how much it sold for though. I tried looking at my Watch List and it’s not on there.

You tell me what sounds fair.

Discogs has them as:
Last Sold: 18 Jan 18
Lowest: $35.00
Median: $64.97
Highest: $99.00

Okay, I do see an issue here… to make sure it’s the Red version you may have to open it because the original BLACK version has the same barcode:

I just saw that too… damn looks like I have to break the seal

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Well it’s a red one

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