ATTN! Despair Faction Package Giveaway from DespairFaction.Club

Hello all!

We are giving away ONE “MISSING WOMAN” 2018 DF PACKAGE! (pictured above) Whether you need the DF card or you already have it, it’ll be on us.

How to enter:
Become a member of our AFI forums, right here at (also, please reply to this thread to make it easier) - that’s it!

The last day to purchase this package from is 08.27.18 which is Monday. With that being said…

Deadline to enter is 12PM EST on Monday (because I work 2nd shift that day so I need to wrap this up before work)

The winner will be chosen at random, and hopefully that person wants this package but just can’t afford it? It’d be our honor to take your hand and bring you with us to the DF. You will then be contacted by me on these forums via PM (private message).

Good luck and please enjoy our AFI forums!



To make this easier, if you’re entering yourself into this, simply reply to this thread.

*DFC staff members not eligible, sorry!

Im definitely entering this!

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Makes sense :slight_smile: And I already purchased it so…good luck to all the people entering the contest! :smiley:

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I’m signed and ready for this <3

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I could always go for a package :man_shrugging:t2:


I could always enter this incase I get fucked on mine anytime the afi store has had a df bundle ive been ficked and they randomly cancel my order amd never give me a reason why.


cool giveaway! good luck yall

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So ready for this giveaway!!

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Oh, that’s really nice of y’all o: <3

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I’m already a member … love me anyways . <3

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Still haven’t joined after 12 years. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be chosen :man_shrugging:t3:

So I’m thinking… I may have to PayPal the winner or order for this to work the way I want it to.

Because if I buy it and just ship it to you, you won’t be signed up for the DF… unless you already get the emails then we’re good.

The winner has been PM’d! Thanks everyone for entering!

I’ll try to do more giveaways in the future.


Okay, I may have a dilemma if the winner doesn’t get back to me soon. I’ll be forced to pick another winner as I need the size for the shirt, etc.

I also don’t know when the DF registration will close tonight whether it’s EDT of PDT.

I’ll check back on here by 5PM but may have to pick someone else.